Your booking will be secure once I have received your deposit.

*If you wish to cancel your booking you have up to 8 weeks to do so without loosing your deposit. If less notice is given then your deposit is non refundable.

*Final booking confirmation of numbers of all bridal party needs to be confirmed 6 weeks before the wedding, if you wish to reduce any heads you will be able to do this as long as its within 6 weeks, if less notice is given you will not be refunded for those reduced.

*I'd advise you to have your trial 8 weeks before the day as its better to do it closer to the day.

* I will take the rest of the payment including your trial and the rest of the bridal party on the day of your trial.

*As I have a regular clientele I can only offer 2 Friday & Saturday Bookings per month.

* I don't offer any trials throughout the months of  November or December as this is my busiest period.