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  My prices reflect my skill level and includes the cost of colouring products and travel costs. These costs are based on average, each new client will be booked in for a consultation and price will be quoted according to hair length, thickness and amount of work involved.


 colouring, styling services

- Short hair (Above collar bone) *2.5 hours

Root retouch £41 (include cut & finish) 

Half head highlights £44 ( include cut & finish

-Medium to Long Hair (shoulder length or below)

Full head colour £49-£59 (include cut & finish) *3 Hours

Half head highlights £48-£53 (include cut & finish *3.5 Hours

Full head highlights £58-£63 (include cut & finish) *4 Hours

Balayage £62-£72 (Include cut & finish)*5 Hours

Styling services

Cut & Finish £20 *1 Hour

Wet £15 *45 Mins-1 Hour

wash & blow dry £30 *1.5 Hours


Olaplex NO.3, wash & blow dry £30 *1.5 Hours

 Please note: All new colour clients need a colour consultation to discuss whether your hair is suitable for a colouring service. I will skin test and take a cutting of your hair. Consultations are appointments out of my day so I charge £20 which comes off your final bill should you wish to book me. I do not colour under 16s, this isn't my rule this is the law.