Laurens story- 

I met lauren two years ago when i first started up my business. She had been to a hair salon but unfortunatly they had rushed her hair and she ended up  with a splodge of Red amoungst her highlights which they tried to bleach out so this put lauren off as well as the parking..

My job is to make it as easy as possible for you and to have the best professional experience in your own home. We started Laurens blonde journey a year ago and its taken 4 appointments with 12 weeks inbetween. Plenty of Bleach, toners and Olaplex and we are well on our way...

Charlotte x

Kathryn's Story- 

This is another similar story of how some hairdresser arent keeping up with all the latest techniques. Kathryn  had grown out old highlights which if done right can look so good even when they are growing out! She wanted it to look  Blonde & blended which we achieved with bleach, toner, olaplex & balayage.


This was still classed as a blonde correction as i had to go through and blur out old highlight lines to create some dimention, we also needed to eliminate brassy tones. Kathryn is natrually light so she wont need any top up toners inbetween appointments and can go 12-16 weeks until she needs to see me again.

Charlotte x

Hannah's Story-


Hannah had been looking at lots of pictures online before her appointment which i always encourage my clients to explore bceause i will tell you if its going to work or not. Again she has a strory like the others where she has had very chunky highlights put in and not at the right angle with all the wrong colours.


We decided to go for your more natural lookand the way i achieved this is with babylights, root shadow and a toner to neutralise the warmth. It has taken  3 12 week appointments to achieve this transfomation and Hannah has found it only needs touching up every 4 months.

Charlotte x

Vicky's story-


This one is much more complicated than the rest! Vicky reached out to me after having a few mobile hairdressers let her down which is not how i run my business by the way. She decided to turn to box colour, does this sound familiar?! 


After a good consultation we came up with her personalised hair plan. I wanted to show you the steps to going Blonde from a Black box colour because its not easy and you will be Orange! I will get you there as long as the condition of your  hair is okay during the process and i always advise Olaplex to be added into your colour. Its taken 4 12 week appointments.

Charlotte x