Balayage is a French term - a technique for highlighting hair in which the colour is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

I want to make sure that you as my client are 100% committed to becoming a Blonde, especially if its a colour correction. Most of the clients that step into my chair tend to be starting with dark or damaged hair.


If your going to spend a lot of money on your hair, i will not let you go and wash it out in cheap shop shampoos/conditioners! I will give you my professional recommendations. 

Based on your skin tone, this is my guide to which tones to choose for your hair.

Warm skin tone: Caramel, Golden, Honey

Cool skin tone: Ash, Violet, Buttery

Neutral: Your lucky, you can choose either  

When lifting your hair, its important that you understand depending on your natural colour, you will need a blonde glaze. This will neutralise any underlying warm pigment and it will always be there so your glaze will help cover this but will only last 4-6 weeks depending again on how strong your hair is.

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